ENT Surgeon Kempton Park

Dr. Dawie van Staden


Dr Dawie van Staden is an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist (otorhinolaryngologist). He obtained the qualifications MBChB, MPraxMed and MMed (ORL) (cum laude) all from the University of Pretoria. He provides medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat. 

He is situated in Kempton Park, and services the greater East Rand. Surgery is done mainly at Ekurhuleni Surgiklin Day Hospital in Kempton Park with the help of Group Seven Anaesthetists. Patients requiring overnight stay are admitted in ARWYP Hospital in Kempton Park.

ENT surgeons specializes in diagnosing and treating head and neck disorders. Otolaryngologists handle ear infections, hearing loss, sinus issues, throat problems, head and neck cancers and sleep disorders. They use medical and surgical methods to provide comprehensive care. Consult an ENT specialist for evaluation and treatment of specific concerns. Dr. Dawie van Staden has many years of experience and has extensive knowledge regarding the ear, nose and throat. He provides ENT services throughout Kempton Park.


Common conditions treated by an ENT specialist

Deafness, ear ache, ear infection, dizziness, tinnitus, facial paralysis
Sinusitis, blocked nose, allergies, snoring, nose bleeds
Hoarseness, chronic coughing, tonsillitis, swallowing difficulties, sore throat

What Are My Clients Saying?

Best ENT ever. Friendly and really cares about what he does. My kids were made to feel at home and we are happy with the care we got👌
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Melanie de Waal