Grommets Post-operative care

Adenotonsillectomy Post-operative care
March 2, 2018
Tympanomastoidectomy Post-operative care
March 2, 2018

Grommets Post-operative care

Grommets Post-operative care

1. Grommets are small tubes that are placed in the eardrum to drain and ventilate the middle ear. Drainage of the fluid is important to relieve the pressure that causes discomfort and pain. The fluid can also cause hearing loss.

2. After the operation there might be slight earache and drainage of fluid. If the drainage continues for more than a week please contact me.

3. If antibiotics and/or eardrops are prescribed please finish the course.

4. With a following upper respiratory tract infection there might again be drainage of fluid from the ears. If this continues for more than three days the patient should be examined.

5. Discharge from the ears might also be caused by external contamination, e.g. through water. Again the patient should be examined if this continues for more than three days.

6. Avoid water in the ears as long as the grommets are in place. Use earplugs, prestik or cotton wool plugs with Vaseline during bathing, showering or washing hair.

7. Swimming is allowed with earplugs. Do not dive or swim under water.

8. Upon discharge from the hospital please make an appointment for a post-operative checkup within seven to ten days.

9. Routine three monthly follow up for evaluation of the grommets and hearing is important.

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