Adenotonsillectomy Post-operative care

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Adenotonsillectomy Post-operative care

Adenotonsillectomy Post-operative care

1. Following the operation your child should preferably stay in bed for the rest of the day. The next two days he should also stay at home. Between the third and fifth day he may return to normal activities and attend school. He should however refrain from participating in sport for the first seven to ten days.

2. The child should follow a normal diet as far as possible. It is advisable that he eats coarse foods like toast, as the chewing activity helps to reduce the pain. In addition it is recommended that he eats chips and drinks carbonated beverages. Be careful with fruit juices, especially orange juice, as this can burn the throat. Avoid bananas and reduce the intake of dairy products.

3. Your child will receive medication for pain, which you should use regularly as prescribed for the first three days. At no stage should he experience pain, as this will prolong the recovery process. Please make use of the suppositories. Often an antibiotic is also prescribed; the whole course should be completed.

4. In the week following the operation your child could suffer from any of the following:

  • Ear ache, slight fever, bad breath
  • Black stools caused by ingested blood
  • Voice changes
  • Grey-white scabs covering the tonsil beds

– The above-mentioned are of transient nature, and should not cause unnecessary alarm. The scabs are normal and not an indication of infection.

5. In the case of any bleeding from the mouth or nostrils, immediately go to your nearest Emergency Department.

6. Upon discharge from the hospital please make an appointment for a post-operative checkup within seven to ten days.

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